Welcome To Ellen Art School!

Ellen Art School is our family company founded in 2000. We offer chess and piano lessons. Our teaching systems and methods produce great and reliable results. Please see our testimonials.

  • Chess
  • Teachers: Michael and Slava
  • Ancient Game
  • Modern Methods
  • Competitive
  • Fun
  • Piano
  • Teachers: Slava and Elena
  • Learn Piano
  • Play In Recitals
  • Get High School Diploma In Music
  • Play Pieces You Will Love
  • Chess Tournaments
  • Play In Our Events!
  • USCF Rated
  • Scholastic State Qualifiers
  • USCF Quads
  • Win Trophies and Medals
  • Books
  • Books We Reccomend
  • Learning Chess Step Series
  • Alfred Piano
  • Bastien Piano
  • Milana's Books

These classes are brought to you by our experienced teachers

Chess Tournaments

We host chess tournaments, usually every month, which are open to all players of all ages. Our tournaments are all USCF rated (sometimes Northwest, NWSRS, too), and soon to be FIDE!

Participating in tournaments is an important part of any chess player's growth. Recording the games and then analyzing them with the coaches is one of the best ways to improve. Playing in chess tournaments is also just fun.

Both of our chess teachers, experienced USCF certified tournament directors, run the chess tournaments. We try to run our events efficiently to maximize the value for our players. We provide all the equipment, like chess sets, clocks, and notation sheets for out events.

Our Classes at a Glance

Our experienced teachers provide high level formal education in chess and piano.

Our chess lessons are both group and private. Depending on the skill level and age of kids, the lessons vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes. Our students play in tournaments, improve, and enjoy chess.

Our piano lessons are only private. Our piano graduates receive a high school diploma in music. They understand music and have good foundation to continue playing and enjoying piano for many years after graduating.