Our Chess Tournaments

Playing in tournaments is fun and necessary for anyone who wants to achieve something in chess.

Our students play in many local, national, and even international competitions successfully. We organize our tournaments to give players a chance to compete on local level. Here are some of the details of our tournaments:

To see previously hosted chess tournaments, along with the USCF and our reports and photos, refer to this link.


In our quad events, we divide players into groups of four by rating.

In our Swiss events, you may see multiple sections like “K-12 Open” and “K-3 U800”. Note that the “Open” section is for more experienced players. “Under” sections are for newer players and those who ratings are lower that number.

The USCF membership can be purchased while registering

For kids, 1 year membership is $20 kids and for adults $45 with a small discount for two or more years.

No. The deadline to register AND pay the entry fee for the tournament is typically the day before the actual event.

For our quad events, because these events run faster, there will be no food which we sell.

In Swiss events, there will be a short lunch break, where cheese and pepperoni pizza available for purchase.

For all our events, rounds typically start as soon as possible.

In our Swiss events, a 15 minute lunch break will be given in the middle of the tournament.

Upcoming Events

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