Dear Whoever This Lettter Is To,

Elena is my piano teacher and I think she is the one of the most finest teachers I have ever had. Theresponsibilities that are expected of you when you are in Elena's class are reasonable and she is expecting you to do your share as her student. Your share is to practice and try your very best during the classes.

Elena has a lot of confidence in you as a student and she knows you can do what ever she wants you to do. You just have to have confidence in yourself, and sometimnes that is hard, and when Elena takes the first step, by putting confidence in you, it becomes much more easier. Elena also can see your capabilites and places you accordingly, which makes it easier and much more interesting for you.

Elena tries to make the classes as fun as they can to you and I think that she really thinks that teaching you is a joy because she takes many troubles to go to each class.

Elena well prepares you for auditions and recitals and it is your responsibilty as a student to practice for it. If for some reason you don't do well, Elena will be encouraging of it and help you learn from your mistakes. I think with Elena as my teacher, I have learned much more than piano, I have learned how ot have confidence in myself and how to prepare for important things.

Elena gives you a variety of choices for what you want to learn. She believes that if you like the song you will learn it better and faster. She will give you a variety of songs that are your level and play a little of each of them so you can see what you like, so you can learn it better and have more fun with it.

Elena is a nice woman generally and just because of how she is, nobody wants to disappoint her and will try their hardest to do their share of the work. If your hardest is not enough, Elena will be understanding and try to see what she can do about it.

Elena has been my most encouraging teacher thus far, and it is all of her good qualities that make me know for sure that I will never forget her.

One of Elena's many loyal students,

Archana Somasegar (Age 9)

Slava is an excellent teacher. He has worked with my kids for more than 10 years teaching them music and life lessons. He is patient, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about music. He has a gift for breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-understand terms, and he is always patient with my children when they are struggling.

Slava focuses on accuracy, good techniques, and the importance of practice. He teaches my children how to read music, how to play with good posture and technique, and how to practice effectively. He also helps them to develop their own musicality and creativity.

He is a wonderful, dedicated and experienced piano teacher, and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a qualified and experienced teacher for their child.